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Why Is Goats Milk Better Than Cow’s Milk?

Why Is Goats Milk Better Than Cow’s Milk?

Goat milk is slightly superior to cow milk because it provides more nutrients that are essential for the body. The following are some of the reasons why goat milk may be considered a better choice over cow milk:

  1. Less immunogenic: The proteins in goat milk are structurally more similar to the human breast milk than cow milk hence has a lower probability of eliciting an immune reaction. The allergic reaction triggering protein, the alpha s1 casein, in cow milk is only found in small amounts in goat milk.

  2. Vitamin A: Goat milk provides more vitamin A than cow milk hence a better candidate for those with visual problems due to vitamin A deficiency.

  3. Magnesium: This milk provides more of this mineral which is essential as; a co-factor for many biochemical reactions, aids in building a stronger immune system, a more efficient muscles among many other functions.

  4. Vitamin C: It is quite unique that this milk provides this vitamin which is not provided in cow milk. This makes the goat milk more important because it provides part of your required daily dose of vitamin C.

  5. High protein content: The amount of protein provided per glass of goat milk is approximately 10 grams as compared to the slightly lower 9 grams per glass of cow milk.

  6. Potassium: This milk provides more of this mineral than cow milk hence very important especially for people with insulin deficiencies and osmotic imbalances.

  7. Homogenized: This milk is naturally homogenized as compared to cow milk which requires artificial homogenization. The benefit of natural homogenized milk is that during the process of homogenization, the fat globule cells of the milk get broken and release xanthine oxidase that is a free radical superoxide that can cause cancer and DNA mutations.

  8. Lactose tolerant: In individuals who lack lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose, which is a common occurrence, then goat milk is highly preferred because it has less lactose than cow milk and rarely causes lactose intolerance.

  9. Easier digestion: Goat milk is easier to digest because it has smaller fat globules and fatty acids that are medium in size making it easily digestible.


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