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Why is Gold valuable?

Why is gold valuable?

Have you ever wondered why you can easily have your gold items exchanged for cash, even at online sites? This is because gold is a very rare material, unlike all the other elements found on earth. If you tried to combine all the gold in the world, you would not be able to get much. Even the jewelry and other objects that are made of gold are not pure gold. Eighteen-karat gold is actually just made up of 75 percent gold. The material has to be combined with silver or copper so that it can be hard enough to be handled.

Another reason why gold is valuable is that it does not rust or corrode, no matter what elements come in contact with it. You may see that metals start to rust when they are exposed to air and water. However, no matter how many times you take a bath with your gold jewelry on, you are guaranteed that it will never corrode. Gold is also malleable, which means that you can pound it to its thinnest and it will never show any signs of cracking. Thus, it is possible for you to have it shaped into any form you want it to have. You can have various designs when it comes to your gold jewelry.

In the olden days, only the rich were able to own gold. One would have to hire lots of workers to mine some gold ‚ and you would not expect to get very much. In fact, you may have to move, filter and refine tons of dirt and rock just to be able to get an ounce of pure gold.

Today, gold is used not only as jewelry but also as part of many electronic materials. Gold is a good conductor of electricity, and has less resistance compared to other metals. Plus, it does not corrode, making it even more ideal for use. However, using gold in circuits can be a little expensive, so, as of now, it is only used for the most high-end technology, and not for general use.


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