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Why is Google chrome so slow?

Why is Google chrome so slow?

Google chrome has turned out to be again an effective internet browser. There are few reasons which say that chrome is a useful tool for browsing. One of the reasons is that chrome has multi-process architecture. This feature aids the browser to get away from bad web sites or any faulty applications that can hinder your browser’s performance. The multi-process architecture helps the browser to run each tab, window and plug-in in its own environment and does not spoil other applications. So, each of the applications are secured from faulty applications.

With the implementation of multi-process framework, a bad site that was opened in one tab will not slow down the other site that was opened in another tab. Even the same works true in the case of plug-ins too. If a site is opened which has some heavy application involved in an advertisement, the ad would take time to get loaded. But, it will not affect the down loading of the remaining page. Chrome is also so simple and great that the entire screen space it occupies will be filled with the site which you have opened and not with buttons and logos. This browser will be opened with default sites that you visit very often making your browsing still more fast and easy. The tabs can be dragged on to the window to get added to the already existing ones.

Actually the first version of chrome does not have any add-ons and any other extension APIs. Probably they will be introduced later. But as for now due to the absence of add-ons there is no question of the browser being slow. Probably very rarely some web sites will not get downloaded due to the lack of some .dll files which cannot be considered in general as the problem with chrome. The Google chrome might be slow as the cookies are filled up in the Cache, if the history gets accumulated, due to the presence of excessive toolbars and due to overloaded windows registry.


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