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Why is Grass green?

Why is Grass green?

Grass is green in color as it absorbs all other colors of the visible light except green. When a color has to reach your eye and if you identify it as a particular color, then the object might have reflected that color and absorbed the remaining wavelengths. Grass is green and in fact all the plants are green except very few with certain valid reasons (like fungi, some crotons and so on). Plants and grass that appear green will have a pigment called chlorophyll.

The structure of the chlorophyll was built such that it helps the molecule to absorb red and blue lights. The light should be absorbed by the plant in order to gain energy from it. The essential and required energy for the grass or plant is obtained from the sunlight; while the sufficient energy is taken in with the help of chlorophyll pigment. Chlorophyll will take in a sufficient quantity of light which can provide the energy that can be used by the biochemical pathways of the grass plant to synthesize food.

The light energy is converted by the plant into sugar with the help of carbon-di-oxide and water. The chlorophyll molecules are available in the chloroplasts of the grass plant cells in large numbers and in all the cells of the grass plant. So the green light reflected by all those molecules gives the grass green color as this light reaches our eyes and allows us to see green colored grass. Chlorophyll pigments are present in the photo systems that are present in the thylakoids membranes of the chloroplasts. Chloroplasts are the organelles that are unique to the plant cells or grass plant cells. Chlorophyll is the pigment that aids in receiving the light energy and transferring it to the other chlorophyll molecules in the photo systems and synthesize the assimilatory power. This assimilatory power is actually utilized in the dark reaction to synthesize the sugars for the plant.

The chlorophyll pigment which takes part in the light reaction of photosynthesis is responsible for the green color of the grass.


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