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Why is Gucci in Jail?

Why is Gucci in Jail?

There are a lot of rap artists out there who have some serious life stories to tell in their songs and Gucci Mane is definitely one of those artists. He has been through so much in his short life and his rhymes are a reflection of all of the trials and tribulations that someone growing up in a rough neighborhood has to go through. A few of these things were definitely his fault, but some of them were just instances of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

A few years ago, Gucci was arrested for possession of cocaine, so that was something that he obviously brought upon himself. He was not the famous rap artist that is he today just yet, but he was trying to make things work out for himself and meet the right people. That did not work out too well, but he kept his nose clean, so to speak, and found himself moving up in the rap game. Soon thereafter, Gucci found himself at a party where people drove up and started attack him and his friends. Shots rang out and someone was killed. Gucci was arrested for murder, but the charges were later dropped.

Overall, Gucci ended up spending about a year in jail for his crimes and hopefully now he can look back on those terrible experiences and lead a clean life. His raps definitely tell some interesting tales of the things that he and his family and friends have had to go through in the past few years, but let us all just hope that it makes him a smarter and stronger man for it. It would be a tragedy to see him continue in a downward spiral when he has so many close friends and so much talent to give to the world.


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