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Why is Hamlet sent to England?

Hamlet refers to a popular character in one of Shakespeare’s plays. The character of Hamlet is considered the protagonist in the story with his Uncle named Claudius as the antagonist. Hamlet’s father was the reigning king of Denmark at the start of the play but he was killed by his brother Claudius. Later on, Claudius married Hamlet’s mother named Gertrude in which Hamlet himself did not approve of. In this particular play, Hamlet was portrayed as someone who was a lunatic or crazy. Many scholars believe that Hamlet’s seemingly psychotic behavior was caused by his father’s death at the hands of his own Uncle Claudius. By the time the story went on about Hamlet’s struggles with the death of his father, Claudius became wary of his nephew’s behavior and so he ordered Hamlet to be deported to England and have him killed there upon his arrival.

Claudius became suspicious when his nephew started to display some psychotic tendencies in his behavior. Hamlet for his part was confused about a vision he had about his dead father. In his vision his father told him that it was his own Uncle that killed him. The basic reason for the killing was that Claudius wanted to get the throne from his father and marry Gertrude her mother. Hamlet got confused about this vision and was not sure if it was only a dream or if it was true. With the confusion and sadness he felt from the death of his father, Hamlet began to display delusional and crazy behavior. He also plotted to kill his Uncle to avenge the loss of his father. Before Hamlet was able to make his move against his uncle, Claudius pre-empted his nephew’s plans and sent him to England on a ship before it was too late. Hamlet was not killed on his way to England and was able to return to Denmark and kill his uncle before he also dies at the end of the play.


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