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Why is Height so important?

Why is Height so important?

In some level, height affects an individual’s personality, self confidence, social activity, and outlook in life. Either tall or short, both have its advantages and disadvantages, depending on how a person will let the matter control him/her.

In psychology and physiology, an individual’s health can be influenced by one’s height. While tallness is linked with having greater cardio-vascular health, shortness is connected with having an overall better-than-normal health and longevity.

In socialization, tall individuals seem to be more attractive and are viewed to be extra favored in work environment or in dating. Studies show that women like taller men, but men do not want women who towers over them. Moreover, there are few jobs that truly require taller people like in fashion and modeling, flight attendant, military and sports. However, there are industries that still prefer hiring taller men (or women) even though height does not affect an individual’s work performance. Studies even showed that there are cases wherein tall people get paid more in their jobs as compared to short individuals because of heightism.
On the other hand, short people are viewed to be more socially driven, creative, intellectual, and competitive as they intend to prove something” to society that is discriminating them, known as Napoleon complex. History shows a number of individuals with great minds, became leaders, and were successful in their chosen career even though they are short like Andrew Carnegie (5′ 0”- entrepreneur), Mohandas Mahatma” Gandhi (5′ 3” – political leader), Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (4’11” – 14th President of the Philippines), Voltaire (5′ 3” – philosopher), Ludwig Van Beethoven (5′ 4” – composer), and Olga Korbut (4′ 11” – athlete) among many others.
But it should also be minded that having excessive tallness or shortness for either man or woman can pose a problem too that includes various health risks, social segregation and prejudice.


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