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Why is History important?

Why is history important?

Many of us hate learning about history. Way back in high school, we had to learn names, facts, figures and so many things. What makes us hate the subject even more is that we have to memorize these things so that we are able to pass our exams. You may have started wondering why history is so important, and why it has to be included in the school’s curriculum.

Why is history important? One reason is that history lets us learn about the things from the past. We do not only learn who killed whom, we also learn the reason behind the killing, so that we can prevent the same thing from happening in the future. Through history, we are able to learn various things so that it does not repeat itself.

History is also important because we learn to appreciate who we are, and why we have become such people. Without knowing the struggles that the people before us underwent, we will never be able to learn to be grateful for how things have become because of them. It is also possible to modify situations, or learn to repeat them when we know how they actually happened.

It may seem like history is a very complicated subject to pass ‚ and it seems very unimportant ‚ but it is actually there to help guide us for the future. You may not care what the former presidents did on a certain day, but in the end, when you face the same situations, you will remember what to do, and how to act to prevent things from getting worse.

Learning the history of other people will also help you learn more about the person. We all have different cultures and different values, so our points of view could differ greatly. If we do learn to understand one another through history, we will be able to prevent doing things that will harm others, and that make them feel hurt. It is not easy, but it should help us learn to appreciate our lives even more, and help us live a harmonious life.


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  1. Disagree – history is about what certain white men have done with their lives .Nothing else.

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