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Why Is Illegal Immigration A Problem?

Why Is Illegal Immigration A Problem?

Illegal immigration is a problem that not only affects the host country but also the immigrants themselves. The whole process of sneaking into a country is extremely dangerous and also costly. The main reasons as to why illegal immigration gets to be a problem are as follows:

  1. Loss of lives; during the time the immigrants take to sneak into a certain country, many of them lose their lives because they go for days without food and water.  This is especially so with those who try crossing arid and dangerous environments to get to their destinations.

  2. Rise of insecurity in host countries: illegal immigration leads to a lot of undocumented persons in the host country. This provides a very good mask for terrorists and a breeding ground for criminal activities. Most of the illegal immigrants also lack basic education certificates and hence are not legible for formal jobs. This makes them turn to crime as a way to make ends meet. This also gets to be a problem because the government has to deal with these crimes leading to an overwhelmed task force and courts.

  3. Lower employment rates: the illegal immigrants provide a cheap work force for most of the industries which is a good thing for the employers but on the other hand not so much for the locals. This makes the minimum wage lower thus making it very uncomfortable for the natives of the country, subjecting them to lower standards of living.

  4. High deficit in the net fiscal cost: the cost of sustaining the illegal immigrants is very high than the tax they pay to the government. This is because most of them lack basic life needs like housing and food. They get a lot of support from the government in terms of medical support and free feeding programs.


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