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Why is Ipad not charging?

Why is Ipad not charging?

Ipad most of the times connected to the computer s or USB chargers will not get charged. This has been experienced by many ipad gadgets. There is an opinion that ipad requires heavy charging than it is required by iphones and ipods. Some old computers and USB ports do not provide sufficient power for charging the ipad. Some USB low power ports will appear to be weak enough to charge the ipad. But, it is not correct that these ports cannot charge ipad at all. The USB ports can charge ipad based on the way it is been used till now.

If the ipad has to be charged rapidly then the 10W USB power adapter can be used which was provided along with it while purchasing it. This method should charge it completely in few hours even if the ipad is used simultaneously. When ipad is connected to the high power USB ports in the computers or the iphone power adapter, it will get charged while it is in use. But, it is charged slowly. Not all the USB hubs have the capacity to provide high power for charging. The USB ports with lower power when used for charging ipad available on old Macintosh or Windows PC or other USB hubs, will not charge ipad that is in the state of functioning. If the ipad is in sleep or not in use simultaneously then the computer USB port that has low power can also charge the ipad.

Irrespective of the USB version, the voltage and current that is provided from the USB ports in Apple computers will be around 5V and 500mA respectively. If the provided voltage was not sufficient for the device to be charged, then the port automatically gets converted to high power port based on the requirement of the device. This high power will be provided as long as the gadget is connected. The latest laptops and desktops were found to provide high power to the ipad.


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