Why is it Called Curling?

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Why is it Called Curling?

A sport called Curling involves players sliding stones across sheets of ice through a target area. The purpose of the game is to accumulate a high score and it can be completed when both teams threw all of the stones they possess. It is called curling because a player delivers the stone and gives a spin upon releasing. The spin will let the stone to travel in curved path as it approaches the base. This curved path is what we called the curl. The faster the stone travels, the less it will produce a curl.

There is a lot of confusion with this sport. Apparently, this game existed in Scotland in the 16th century. It requires a round stone with a curved handle and a player should induce a curved path to turn the stone slowly as it slides. The main reason why it is called the curling sport is because the stone curls every time you throw it while it depends on the speed of the stone and the amount of spin and force you put on it.

Two teams with four players take a polished stone across an ice curling sheet. A circular target must be marked on the ice. A great teamwork and strategy provided can make the curlers spin and produce more curls. In this kind of game, having more stylish spins and curls can give you better chances of winning. If you possess the stone, the opposing team will have a hard time of having the stone on their possession since the style and strategy you are using in producing curls are difficult to predict.

Since the curling sport has been popular around the world, there are particular confusions on who really invented it. But the Scottish people had the opportunity to own this game since it has been proven that the game had started in Scotland and it is named by a Scottish club. The name of the game is somewhat unique and interesting. It is derived from the game process itself.

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