Why is it Called the Hurt Locker?

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Why is it Called the Hurt Locker?

One of the best movies that I have seen in a really long time came out a few months ago in the theaters and I was lucky enough to be able to go see it. The Hurt Locker was one of those low budget films that seemed to come out of nowhere and blast onto the main stage in Hollywood. Hurt Locker ended up winning many different awards across the world and earned the main actor many more roles afterward. I can’t say enough about how well this movie was made and presented and how realistic each and every scene was.

I often wondered what exactly a Hurt Locker was and it turns out that it is not some type of military locker or anything like that. It actually means to hurt or harm someone mentally or physically which definitely makes a lot of sense in this movie because there are plenty of terrorists trying to put a hurting on these brave soldiers. A common phrase that mean exactly what Hurt Locker does is putting someone in a world of hurt. I have heard that many times before, but never heard the term Hurt Locker.

I would absolutely recommend seeing this movie to anyone out there who is curious about what goes on behind the scenes during today’s modern warfare. There are a lot of things that go unspoken and are never revealed in the media, so it is interesting to see all of the things that the brave men and women have to go through on a daily basis to ensure their own survival and the survival of this country. It really makes you thankful that you are here and also that we know we have the right people on the job. Without them this world would be in constant turmoil and we would not be sitting pretty like we are today.

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