Why is it Important to Recycle?

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Why is it Important to Recycle?

We all heard about recycling and its benefits. Recycling is very essential to cities and other countries all around the globe. If you want to help save our planet, then you must learn how to recycle. If you’re wondering why you have to do so, stated below are some important reasons.


Recycling saves Natural Resources

Instead of using raw materials, use recycled materials to create various products. This way, you can help conserve a lot of natural resources like trees, oil and other minerals for future generations. For example, old newspapers can be recycled into new paper products. Water bottles are also recyclable. Whenever we throw them in the proper place, they go back to the factory to be recycled into new water bottles. I repeat, RECYCLED not Re-used.


Recycling saves Energy

Less energy is needed to make recycled products. The energy that we conserve through recycling is very important and can impose great benefit to our environment such as reducing the future effects of global warming. For example, recycled aluminium takes about 95% less energy than producing new aluminium from bauxite ore.


Recycling saves Clean Air and Water

Creating products from recycled materials produces less air and water pollution than making new ones from raw materials. This is because this process reduces the amount of air pollution produced by power plants and water pollution produced from chemicals used by factories in manufacturing products. This process also helps reduce greenhouse gas emission which is the main cause for global warming.


Recycling helps save Landfill Space

The materials you recycle don’t go into landfills or incinerators so they conserve landfill space. Reduction of landfill can help clean up the environment. It is like giving the land back to nature. As of today, our landfills are filling up fast and if we don’t do something, they will all be filled and we won’t have any place left to put our waste products. Recycling also enables other materials to decompose itself creating more space in the landfills.

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