Why is iTunes so slow?

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Why is iTunes so slow?

ITunes is an application that was found by several users to be working faster in Mac OS but not in windows. ITunes was found to be using too much RAM and runs very slowly in windows. There is a misconception that Apple did make this software for Mac OS and not for windows as Mac is a better operating system. But, there are many situations explained by its users where iTunes was proved to be working faster in Windows too.

The playlists can be browsed in many columns available in the software. But it would be difficult to traverse all the columns on the screen. It would be comfortable if some unnecessary columns were kept hidden. The clutter can be reduced by deselecting the columns from the menu list popped from the column top. When the user is converting the songs to ACC format, the preferences window when kept open will help the process not to slow down. When the window is closed every time each song was converted then iTunes user interface gets updated every time and the process will slow down. The options that are not necessary for your operation like Cross fade songs and sound enhancer, remote speakers connected to air tunes, enabling of Apple TV, might lead to slowing down of the system.

The use of smart playlist feature was found to be one of the reasons for iTunes to become slow. Smart playlists can be removed to improve the performance of iTunes. If any device is plugged freshly to the system, the iTunes will start recognizing it and synchronize with it. This happens due to the feature called ‘Automatic syncing’. If this feature is enabled, then the iTunes freezes after sometime. This feature should be disabled as normal activities like connecting the charger or iPhone explorer to it will also create problem if iTunes starts the synchronization process.

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