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Why is Jaws still popular today?

Jaws is a movie about shark attacks which was released back in 1975.  This particular movie was directed by Steven Spielberg who has now become one of the most successful and respected directors of his generation.  Jaws, the movie, was based on the book written by Peter Benchley.  The basic plot of the movie involved shark attacks on unsuspecting swimmers on the beach of a fictional island.  Released in the big movie months of summer in the U.S., this movie became a blockbuster hit.  Critics also gave it a thumbs up indicating that Jaws was a real thriller.  Almost four decades have passed, and this particular movie is still being talked about currently.  Its popularity has not waned over the years and continues to become a relevant story in today’s pop culture.

One reason for the movie’s popularity in recent times is that Jaws made shark phobia a very well known type of phobia.  Its box office receipts literally resulted in more awareness about possible shark attacks in many beaches across the U.S. and even in other parts of the world.  Every time people go to the beach, many of them would always talk about shark attacks and the Jaws movie.  Interestingly, conversations like this have gone on for several decades up to the present.  Because of the Jaws movie, many people have acknowledged their own shark phobias. Every time these people go to the beach, for example, they would always think about their safety from sharks.

The media hype about present-day shark attacks has also added to the popularity of the Jaws movie.  With every report or incident about swimmers or surfers being attacked by sharks, some people will also think about the movie.  And with the movie’s popularity, the team behind Universal Studios also made a “Jaws attraction” in their theme park.  In this movie-inspired attraction, park visitors will also be treated with a shark-attack thriller as they ride a tour boat.  With people talking about it time and time again, and along with this theme park’s attraction, Jaws the movie remains popular today.


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