Why is jealousy bad?

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Jealousy refers to a feeling of intolerance towards rivalry or a perceived threat to one’s being or relationships. Whenever a supposed threat is felt towards another person for example, one is said to be jealous. The feeling of jealousy is considered normal at some extent but this negative emotion could also be bad in so many ways. For some people, jealousy could lead to broken relationships while in others it could even lead to major depression and even loss of life.

Jealousy that occurs between siblings is pretty much normal and typically accepted by society. One sibling may always feel inferior towards the so-called favorite child. At some point, this kind of feeling is considered normal but all parents must agree that situations like this should be addressed immediately to avoid the deepening of animosity between siblings. When brothers and sisters in a family frequently fight over various things because of jealousy, then this type of negative feeling is considered bad for the siblings involved and bad for the whole family. For family and relationship experts, in order to control jealousy between children, the parents must address the concern immediately.

There are also other cases wherein jealousy is considered a really bad emotion to have. In the case of couples for example, jealousy could be so bad that it could be the reason for breaking the relationship. In most cases, a third party or so-called third wheel is perceived as the threat to the existing relationship. Whenever this particular concern is not resolved amicably or not discussed thoroughly by couples, the jealousy could lead to distrust between the couple and this could eventually lead to a possible break up. In cases like this and in many other jealousy-related cases, the involved persons may also get emotionally disturbed with some people going into depression because of unwarranted paranoia. To control jealousy, civil discussion with the other person involved should be taken as the first step to resolve the issue.

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