Why is jelly good for your nails?

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Jelly – or as it’s known in America, Jell-o – is a popular children’s dessert that has existed since the 1400s. The powdered form of Jell-O that we know today was invented in 1845. Since then it has been a part of our staple diet in one form or another. Children particularly are delighted by the sweet taste and the bright appearance of jelly and enjoy it, sometimes alone, sometimes with other things, like fruit or custard.

Jelly, which was originally made from calves’ hooves, is special in the sense that it is chock full of protein, and not just any protein but the kind that is present in nail and hair, called keratin. At the same time it also contains other minerals, like sulfur, which have been shown to be necessary for hair and its growth.

Because of this, most people have the idea that eating jelly or soaking your nails in jelly is good for your nails. While soaking your nails in jelly is not a good idea, because the water can damage your nails, eating jelly may actually be good for your nails.

What do the scientists say? Well, there is some evidence that eating jelly can help your nails. This is because the large amounts of protein in jelly can help build up nails, and in some experiments that were done, the proteins from jelly helped people with brittle nails recover and get shiny nails again. However, other scientists say that this is not the most effective way and can only be used in some cases of brittle nails.

On the whole, if you or someone you know has problems with brittle or breaking nails, it is best to see a dermatologist, who may prescribe medicines that would help your nails more. As for using jelly, its deliciousness should be the main reason you eat it, and the benefit to your nails just a little extra bonus!

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