Why is Jersey Shore so Popular?

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Why is Jersey Shore so Popular?

I have never really been a huge fan of the reality TV shows that depict seemingly everyday people in common surroundings having their every single move videotaped so that the rest of us can see how ridiculous our race and culture has become as the years have gone by. It all pretty much started with the Real World on MTV and has exploded into our homes on national television like the plague. Every single night of the week you can turn on just about any channel on your TV and find some new group of yahoos taking their clothes off and getting hammered drunk in front of a camera crew and people still seem to soak this stuff up.

The latest group of crazy people have landed themselves a new show called Jersey Shore which shows a group of nasty looking 20-somethings from New Jersey all living together in a nice house and making fools of themselves and their family members each and every day. For one reason or another, these people have gathered what seems to be a cult following and turned their low budget show into a million dollar success in only a few months. I guess people just love to see others make fools of themselves, but I do not think that I could ever really get into any of these shows.

So, while Jersey Shore does very well in the TV rating system, the people on the show are getting in more and more trouble as the days go by. We can all hope that this is all done for publicity reasons and that we are not giving these people millions of dollars and hours of our TV viewing lives to stupid people. I think the only ones who know for sure are the people on the shows themselves, but pretty soon they will be off the air and replaced by another group of nuts who will infiltrate our TVs soon enough.

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