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Why is Jerusalem important to Muslims?

Why is Jerusalem important to Muslims?

I grew up as a Christian, though I cannot consider myself a devotee. I am not a product of catholic school so my knowledge about Christianity is really limited from the religion subjects offered in grade and high school. However, my regular church mass attendance taught me a lot of things about Jesus, his place of birth, prophets and places such as Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem. These places have great importance to Christianity and among this places, Jerusalem has really sparked my interest.

Jerusalem is where Jesus spent his childhood, preached and performed his miracles. This is also where his last supper, death and resurrection took place.

But it is only when I grew older that I started to understand that Jerusalem is not only important o Christians. It is also important to our brothers Muslims as well. Some of you might wonder why Jerusalem is important to Muslims. I found out that it is in fact a city where many of their prophets lived and preached.

Like us Christians, Muslims consider Jerusalem as a holy and spiritual representation of many religions like the Islam. Jerusalem was the first Qibla for Muslims. Qibla is known to be the direction that Muslims face when engaged in ritual prayer. Jerusalem is also the location of Al-Aqsa mosque, the mosque where Prophet Muhammad is believed to have ascended to heaven for a just a one night visit. Prophet Muhammad journeyed from Mecca to Heaven through the holy land of Jerusalem, back to Mecca.
It is truly a gratifying feeling to learn that both Christians and Muslims share the same thoughts and feelings towards holy places like Jerusalem. It only goes to show that we should not forget that we are one blood and we should all unite to aim for a better and peaceful land.


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