Why is Katy Perry famous?

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Katy Perry is one of many famous singers around the world these days.  With hit songs and millions of records sold, Katy Perry is considered a big pop star in the world of show business.  But not many people actually know that Katy Perry already recorded songs and albums several years before she became a household name in entertainment.  It was said that she started to use her real name “Katy Hudson” when she first released a gospel album which not many people really heard of.  But since the release of her first pop album in 2008, Katy Perry has conquered stardom and has now become a pop superstar.

With millions of records already sold worldwide and a huge fan base, there is actually no question that Katy Perry is famous.  Although not all people may actually like her or her music, she has proven herself as a true pop star.  As for the experts and her supporters, Katy Perry’s fame is a mix of talent and packaging.  With albums loved by many worldwide, not many would argue that Katy Perry has the vocal talent to make a song popular.  She may not be considered the best and the most technical singer in the business, but as for her fans, she has enough of the vocal prowess to be considered a famous singer.  And from the term “pop star” itself, Katy Perry has showcased the pop side of herself in terms of her looks and videos.  The whole entertainment industry is also a business, and with Katy Perry’s brand of funny, colorful, and flashy music and personality, she has gained success and fame.

As some would say, many people can sing and can actually sing better than Katy Perry.  But with Katy’s true pop look, style, and flavor, she has become famous and appeals to a wide audience.


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