Why Is Kelly Clarkson Fat?

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Why Is Kelly Clarkson Fat?

Kelly Clarkson rose to fame when she won the top prize in the first season of the American Idol contest in 2002. She has been in the headlines lately because of her obvious weight gain. People have taken sides regarding her present appearance.

The issue of pregnancy rose when people started noticing that she was gaining weight. It was a total turnaround from her image when she won the title back in 2002. Then, she was this svelte singer with a powerful voice that did justice to the song ‘A Moment Like This., Today, however, she has gained a considerable amount of weight which made her a full-figured woman.

But she has denied the pregnancy issues stating she enjoys being an aunt to her nephew and niece. Having a child is out of the question because of her work which requires her to be on the road most of the year. She even called her work selfish because it demands a lot of her time which she cannot share if she will have a kid.

There are also rumors circulating that her weight gain could be due to an eating disorder. But as said those are rumors which are not verified. Although sources say that she is a yo-yo dieter and loves fast food and soda. That might be the major reason for her weight gain.

Her weight gain could be attributed to her genes. You can see from the pictures of her family especially her mom that they have do tend to expand horizontally. They say that if you want to know how you look like 20 years from now, you simply have to look at your mom to know the answer. So even though she works hard especially when on tour, you cannot discount the genes that are in her. She will get fat eventually not unless she really is determined to lose the extra pounds.

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