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Why is Kentucky called the Bluegrass State?

Why is Kentucky called the Bluegrass State?

Kentucky is one of the more interesting State when it comes to the natural resources and true beauty that has been created there over time. One of the most interesting aspects of the nature that has accumulated in that beautiful State is the type of grass that has a blue tint to it when the sun hits it just right. It is called, obviously, Bluegrass. Kentucky is actually the only place in the world that Bluegrass can be found growing naturally. I always found that to be pretty amazing and also quite random. Fortunately to some degree, Bluegrass can be bought, sold and grown in many other States now, so flying out to Kentucky is no longer the only option that people have to be able to see this grass.

Bluegrass is actually not very different that most other grasses that are found across the world. The only big difference is the fact that the bulb in which the grass is initially born to, is blue. This causes the tint to look blue once the sun is beating down on it at a certain angle. It is definitely a beautiful sight to behold, but scientifically it is nothing out of the ordinary outside of this unique flower’s origin.

Kentucky has been known as the Bluegrass State for many years and will always be looked upon as the original birthplace of the blue tinted grass that we all know and love today. Bluegrass music, which is very popular in the southern and midwest states in the US, also gets its name from the blue grass that is found in Kentucky. So, overall this unique little thing can be looked at as the meaning behind many of the things that the US is famous for. That is a pretty cool thing to hang your hat on as a state.


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