Why Is Kevin Newman Leaving Global?

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Why Is Kevin Newman Leaving Global?

Kevin Newman was born in the city of Ontario, Canada. He started his career in broadcasting at a local radio and eventually became the first news director for football broadcasts at a campus station in Western Ontario. In the year 2001, Global Television has launched Global National and hired Newman as the executive editor and news anchor. In 2004, they toured Canada for a federal election campaign broadcast which led other networks to follow and make their own version of the same tour. For having dedication on his work as an anchor, he has been awarded the Gemini Award for being the Best Anchor in the year 2005. Ratings have absolutely increased because of Newman’s style in delivering the news.

Recently, Kevin Newman is rumored to leave Global National on August 20, 2010. The news was confirmed when a staff present an email from him saying that he is resigning. Newman decided to leave Global National since he thinks that the newscast needs a change. He thinks that someone can be better than him in terms of news casting. He said that the people need a fresh anchor to be able to achieve higher ratings. He denied the allegations that another network has offered him higher rates and better benefits. According to him, he needs some renewal and rest for himself and spends quality time for his family at this point in time that’s why he is leaving Global National. Many people and fans have reacted on this issue but they can’t do anything about it anymore. It is his personal decision and even the company does not have the right to make him stay. Newman’s first priority is his family and he wants to spend the remaining time of his life with them. Because of Newman’s resignation, staffs are very disappointed and unhappy since they really value Kevin as their colleague.

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