Why is Kissing important?

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Why is Kissing important?

The act of kissing, hugging and touching physically the partner is very important for most of the relationships. Expressing their love and affection towards each other by the partners is done through kissing. Kissing is the tool for the partners to tell each other that they are bonded and precious to one another. Kissing is very important to stimulate the passion in the partners to further get bonded through marital sex. The couple kissing each other feels good as this act will satisfy the feeling” portion of the brain. When you start kissing, your entire body feels good and satisfied. This gives a sense of commitment and vitality to the relationship.

The act of kissing will bring the couples together and closer to each other’s hearts. Kissing was found to make you get relief from the stress and elevate your spirits. Kissing also was known to enhance your immunity against allergic reactions. It was studied that kissing for half an hour could stop the allergy. The dried mouth can be made wet by releasing saliva through kissing process. Some of the studies also revealed that kissing will burn the calories and reduce our weight.

There was a research study conducted at New York State University on around 1000 students. This study says that kissing was most important for women than for men. It was studied that women will assess the potentials of the men by kissing and use it as a tool to identify the actual potential partner. From the answers given by the women it was found that women will decide through kissing whether they can advance further to have still more intimacy with that person. Kissing seems to help women to also decide the status of their relationship while it is just a small matter for men.

The above study also tells that kissing will act as a factor that determines the bond for women while men generally do not bother to have sex even with someone whom they have not kissed. Kissing is felt as essential by every couple to intensify their relationship.

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