Why is kiwi healthy?

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 Why is kiwi healthy?

Kiwi fruit was first seen in China and is called as Chinese gooseberry. It is observed as one of the healthy fruits. Kiwi fruit is found to be having large quantities of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that can improve the health of humans. Kiwi fruit is found to be a good source for vitamin C. It also has large quantities of vitamin A, E, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and copper. Kiwi juice in raw form consists of folate and L-arginine amino acid.

The Kiwi raw fruit juice is known to decrease high blood pressure, maintains heart rate, improves the immunity, aids in absorption of iron, and keeps you away from anemia. The raw fruit juice of kiwi fruit is also found to enhance antioxidants in your diet which will help your body cells to become damage free from free-radicals. Kiwi juice taken in raw form is observed to develop the eye sight, tend to aid in energy metabolism and nerve function. One of the constituents of kiwi fruit which is called folate or folic acid forms an important part in preparing novel cells in the body. Folic acid is also useful for pregnant women as well as those women who are expecting pregnancy.

The kiwi raw fruit juice will help in balancing the fluids in our body. The amino acid L-arginine which is one of the constituents of kiwi juice was found to improve the health of skin, joints, liver and muscles. It also was known to improve the condition of respiratory tract. It is suggested that raw kiwi fruit juice, if consumed daily will definitely improve the human health.

Regularly taking the kiwi fruit as part of the diet is known to enhance the cardio vascular health. This occurs due to the ability of the fruit to clean the walls of the arteries. Kiwi is known to control asthma and mutations in DNA. Kiwi is found to be having a compound called lutein, which aids in stopping the degeneration of muscles and losing the eyesight.

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