Why Is Knight and Day Rated PG-13?

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Why Is Knight and Day Rated PG-13?

Knight and Day is a movie starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. According to the Motion Picture of America’s Classification and Ratings Administration this movie received a PG-13 classification because of ‘sequences of action violence throughout, and brief strong language., The administration sees this as not fit for young children to watch.

This movie is supposed to be an action-comedy centered on two people who are being chased by the FBI. The movie takes you to different locations all over the world from the Bahamas to Europe while riding the train to the Swiss Alps. Almost all of the scenes in the movie are intertwined with action scenes which is the reason why it was given such a rating.

Although the characters in the movie make it an enjoyable one to watch especially Cameron Diaz who effectively portrays the woman forced to go along after being suspected to be an accomplice. Tom Cruise on the other hand still thinks that he can get away with his flashing grin and that look that has a similarity to the ‘Blue Steel, look popularized by Ben Stiller in Zoolander.

A lot of chase scenes one of which included a motorcycle chase alongside computer-generated running bulls make the movie a certified action hit. However, some of the action scenes have become borderline comical because it was overly made. It was already as if they were trying hard to make this to be an action movie but ended up going overboard with the special effects.

The over the top action scenes with a bit of nudity are not really suitable for young children to watch. A lot of gore and violence all has merited this movie to be PG-13. So if you are thinking of brining your kids along with you, better leave them with a baby sitter for they will not be allowed inside the theater.

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