Why is Lego so expensive?

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Why is Lego so expensive?

Lego products have the trademark as LEGO. Lego is a group that exists as Denmark based company manufacturing construction toys. Lego product consists of colorful bricks made of plastic and which can be connected to each other by interlocks. The plastic bricks are also added with gears, parts of other types and mini figures. These Lego plastic bricks are connected to each other in different ways which can help in building toys or objects like robots, vehicles, buildings and so on. If an object is built with the bricks it can again be used for another toy construction. The Lego toys that were extensively manufactured in 1940 period in the Europe became popular internationally.

The Lego products were supporting the Lego movies, video games, competitions, amusement parks and games. The term Lego” as the Danish word was the name of the company which means Play well”. This company began to make toys in 1947 and in 1949 and started manufacturing toys that included plastic bricks which are used for interlocking. These bricks were known as automatic binding bricks. The bricks were made of cellulose acetate which gets interlinked with other bricks with the help of the round balls on the top of them.

The Lego group of companies had a logo known as only the best is good enough”. This logo was chosen in order to boost the workers not to go down in giving the quality. The plastic was not liked by many retailers and consumers to form part of the toys. The products were given back due to poor sales. There is an opinion that Lego plastics are prepared using oil. So the increase in the price of the oil has made Legos very expensive. The moving of Lego bricks from the manufacturing center to the selling store is also costly as they are made using oil which is expensive again.

Quality of the products made by Lego group is most important for the company. The safety and quality plays an important role which influenced the cost of the Lego products. The products of Lego group are durable and safe from one generation to the next. The bricks were not observed to have got damaged and decomposed any time. Hence, they are expensive.

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