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Why is Lemon good for you?

Why is Lemon good for you?

Lemon is one citrus fruit that is commonly identified in yellow color. As a native fruit of Asia, it was said that it was first discovered in India, Vietnam and China. Along the Southern and South Eastern parts of Asia, lemons were used to be utilized as an antidote to various types of poisons. As lemons propagated and entered other countries and continents such as Europe and the Middle Eastern regions, lemons were discovered to have various purposes, both in culinary and non culinary aspects. For non culinary purposes, lemons became part of aromatherapy, first aid and medicine. Because of its known acidic pH, lemons were used as antibacterial agents. Aside from that, lemons were found to have commercial, electrical, household uses as well as an insecticide primarily because it is acidic in nature and exudes a fragrant smell that remains to be distinct from other aromas. For its culinary uses, on the other hand, lemons are famous for its juice, its sweet-sour taste permits one to indulge in drinking lemon juice. Its juice also possesses a preservative property that delays spoilage of food and other dishes. In addition to that, lemons are widely used as part of marinades, garnishes, zests and decorating entrees.
Widely available and utilized in many parts of the world, lemons are found to be beneficial to humans. Further studies conducted on lemons showed that this particular citrus fruit contains one powerful nutritional value. It contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals that help boosts the body’s immune system. More so, lemons aid in regulating the body’s digestive enzymes and help in cleansing the toxins within one’s body. Lemons help maintain the acid-base balance in one’s body and help combat foreign microorganisms, which can potentially put one’s health at risk.


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