Why is Louis XIV important?

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Why is Louis XIV important?

Having to reign as the King of France for the longest period, Louis the XIV was born in September 5, 1638 at Chateau of Saint Germain en Laye. He was the offspring Louis XIII and Anne of Austria, who were childless for 23 long years. Regarded as a divine gift and a miracle form God, Louis XIV had to face a lifetime challenge at the young age of four after his father died. Then on, he reined the kingdom of France until his death. Accounted to be the longest reign ever in the history of European monarchy, Louis XIV ruled the kingdom of France for exactly 72 years, 3 months and 18 days. With his official reign in 1661, he continued the advocacies left by his predecessors and fought against rebellions and controversies, especially when he was predominantly in minority.
For most years that Louis XIV reined France, the country became the leading European power and was able to end up as victorious in all its battles against colonizers, foreign conquests and deliberate conflicts. During his years as King, he sought of eliminating any forms of feudalism as he persistently worked on creating a highly centralized form of government. More so, his emanations from his predecessors and mentors earned him to rightful and just and be a leader for the entire kingdom of France. His young age did not hinder him from being an excellent leader that led France to great heights and waving glory. His focus on developing France was not only sided towards addressing concerns in the political affairs, but he also spared some attention to other important aspects such as culture, economy and lifestyle.
Because of King Louis XIV’s reign, it is not a wonder why France remains to flourish until today.

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