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Why is Maharashtra Day celebrated?

Why is Maharashtra Day celebrated?

The State of Maharashtra is formed on May 1st. All Maharashtrians keeping aside the caste, creed, religion or color enjoy the purpose behind their celebration on this day. In the year 1960, the state that is religiously pure, culturally high, socially improving, and commercially powerful was formed.

In 1947, Bombay was a separate state combined with Gujarat and Maharashtra. Samyuktha Maharashtra samithi has demanded in 1950 for the creation of a separate state for Marathi speaking people. Hence Maharashtra got separated from the bilingual state. After the Indian Independence, Nehru was not supporting the formation of states based on language. The Government was opposing the event of the formation of Maharashtra.

People were tired about the stubbornness of the Central Government in hindering the formation of new state. So they all decided to protest against the Government and bring pressure in order to form a new state. The Government used police force to fire at Flora fountain in Bombay. The goal of Samyuktha Maharashtra samithi was attained by the formation of Maharashtra state with Bombay as its capital on 1960, 1st of May. The Maharashtra state was formed according to Bombay Re-Organization Act. The Flora fountain remained as the place for remembering the Martyrs of state formation. It was renamed as ‘Hutatma Smarak’.

The Maharashtra samithi was also looking after some other places apart from Maharashtra and Gujarat like Goa, Belgaum, Karwar and other nearby places. But they were not included in the newly formed state. Many people have given their lives in the process of protesting against the Central Government for the formation of Maharashtra Day. Hutatma Smarak is visited by the officials on this day in memory of the Martyrs. The Maharashtra Day is celebrated on the eve of the formation of Maharashtra state. The people of Maharashtra intended to make the state develop socially, and economically. The Maharashtra state was the first state to start public-oriented programs for the poor.


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