Why is Mc Chrystal in trouble?

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Why is Mc Chrystal in trouble?

General Stanley Mc Chrystal was the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. He recently made some disrespectful comments on some of the government officials at Washington. In a magazine called ‘Rolling stones,, an article by name ‘The Runaway General, was published in June 2010. In this article, Mc Chrystal cracked some jokes on American Vice President Mr. Joe Biden. The article reported that some sources have revealed about Mc Chrystal’s unhappiness towards American president Mr. Obama. Mc Chrystal was found to be expressing his frustration in the form of comments. He seems to have commented on National security advisor James Jones as a ‘clown who remains always stuck in 1985’. The article also reported that Mc Chrystal was irritated by the Richard Holbrooke’s behavior towards Afghanistan’s U.S. Ambassador Karl Eichenberry. Mc Chrystal seems to dislike Richard for some reason. Mc Chrystal commented that Holbrooke is a wounded animal.

The way Mc Chrystal behaved in the war issue and his plans are quite different. He seems to have belief in Guerilla warfare. The article reported clearly that Mc Chrystal does not bother much about the higher authorities. The top commander for US Troops in Afghanistan is now in a big trouble with the White House in view of the Rolling stones magazine article publication.

As soon as Obama came to know about Mc Chrystal’s comments on him in the magazine, he called the General to attend a meeting in Washington. Mc Chrystal said in the magazine that he was disappointed at his first meeting with Mr. Obama. Obama was keen on making Mc Chrystal to attend the meeting personally rather than in Tele conference. Many experts think that Mc Chrystal will be asked to step down from his current position. As the comments made by the General Mc Chrystal were not appropriate for a person of his cadre to talk like this, he is said to be in trouble.

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