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Why is Mt. Fuji sacred?

Why is Mt. Fuji sacred?

Mt. Fuji is the world famous mountain which is situated in Japan. Mount Fuji is considered as a national symbol of Japan as it is the highest peak in Japan, which is at the height of 12,388 feet. It is situated 60 miles away from the Tokyo. Mt. Fuji is located in a region which is densely populated. It was last erupted in the year 1707 and since then this mountain was given much prominence. There are myths about Mt. Fuji and its sacredness. The mountain is known to have some spiritual powers and several deities are worshipped here.

The Mt. Fuji is considered as the residence for fire God. The Goddess of flowing trees called Shinto Goddess was also found to be residing on this mountain. This mountain is also the abode of Dainichi Nyorai who is the Buddha of wisdom. It was written in the Shugendo myths that the Mt. Fuji was climbed initially in 700AD by En no Gyoja, who is a sage. Starting from 12th century the mountain is ascended by many. In 15th century, the Mt. Fuji has become a famous pilgrimage center. Due to several pilgrims visiting the mountain all through the year, the official climbing season was set as July 1st till August 31st. During this period the mountain climbers will exceed the number of pilgrims visiting the mountain.

Mount Fuji also has a temple situated on it for the Goddess Fuji-Yoshida called Sengen shrine. The place where this temple is located is called as Kitaguchi HonguSengen Jinja. It is situated in the northern part of the Mt. Fuji. This temple was built as a mark of respect for Archangel Sengiel Sengen who is believed to stay there. She was believed to have extended help to the monks who lived on Fuji earlier and she is believed as the Goddess who makes the flowers to bloom. Mt. Fuji is considered as Sacred as it is believed to be an incarnation of a Deity.


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