Why is Muhammad Ali a hero?

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Why is Muhammad Ali a hero?

Born with a name Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., Muhammad Ali is a native of the United States of America who was born on January 17, 1942. His boxing career began when he was 18 years old, when he won his first professional fight in his hometown in Louisville, Kentucky. But even before his first professional win, he already participated in the Olympics in 1960, where he won 100 victories over 5 losses as an amateur boxer. After he first won in the professional world of boxing, he unstoppably had winning streaks in almost all his fights. As time passed, various nicknames such as The Greatest, The Champ and The Louisville Lip were attributed to this professional boxer. Formerly known as Cassius Clay, his name was changed to Muhammad Ali after he decided to join the Nation of Islam in 1964. After his great success in the boxing profession, Muhammad Ali became a legacy that is still well recognized until this modern day.
Muhammad Ali is considered to be a hero by many people. Especially those who have witnessed the greatness of this boxer, Muhammad Ali is one great person in possession of a heroic character. Muhammad Ali is a hero indeed because after he was converted to Islam, he was forced to join the U.S. military army to go against the country of Vietnam but he firmly refused to do so despite the consequences he had to face. Because of his refusal, the state of America put him under trial, suspended his license as a professional boxer and was off form fighting for four years. After reaching the U.S. Supreme Court, the result was in his favour. It was then that Muhammad Ali was hailed as a hero for standing up for his faith.

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