Why Is Music Haram?

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Why Is Music Haram?

Haram is an Arabic word known to be as unlawful in English. Music is the best way to express ideas, thoughts and feelings to a certain person or situation. With its melodic tune and meaningful lyrics; musicians find it easy to deliver message to people. You can be a player or a listener of music. You can be a singer, the writer or the maker of the music. Music is life. Without music, life would be less meaningful.

Music takes you to your inner soul, this way you can express feelings, whether you’re happy or sad. It is a form of artistry. Creativity is needed to create a harmonious and good music, most especially your passion into it. Passion is considered to be the best ingredient to make a good and soulful music. People get united through music, songs like Praising God is one genre of music which make us one because music runs into your blood, veins and to your heart.

There are some people don’t even think before making a song. It is true that music is the key to express thoughts but we must consider our listeners first. There is music that has explicit words in it, praising Satan, introducing drugs to many people. These are harmful mostly to kids and to loners. It can lead you to something bad. Some people are listening to music alone by themselves and by those lyrics and noisy music; you get to absorb its messages whether it’s good or bad.

We need to understand the message of the song; we must listen carefully and not just enjoying it because of its rhythm. It is haram for it is a freedom of speech, your own idea and your thoughts. Always consider the kind of music you are listening to.

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