Why is my iPhone so slow?

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Why is my iPhone so slow?

IPhone is a multimedia and internet based mobile phone, introduced to the market by Apple Inc. There are several versions and kinds of this phone set that have been released onto the market up until now. The iPhone 2.0’s updated version has a problem of freezing up, or becoming extremely slow while using it. Several people experienced the slowing down of the iPhone after updating it with the 2.0 version. It is said that installing many third party applications might also cause the iPhone to become slow.

It is noticed by many people that deleting the cache and history pages in the browser brings a change in its working conditions. After deleting the above, the phone has to be reset, and there is a possibility of resuming its good working condition. In case the iPhone is jail broken, there is the possibility of third party applications that are added by the user. Then definitely it may slow down. Some say that due to only 128 MB RAM, the iPhone is unable to manage and run multiple tasks at the same time.

Some have the experience of their iPhones slowing down due to a recent update from iTunes. But most people deny this fact, as they say that the slowing down started long before they updated their iPhone with iTunes. It was a problem with the iPhone 3G for many days, but now the problem is also with the iPhone 8G v2.2. So it can be thought that the version 2.0 update might not also be the reason for the slowing down of the instrument. Probably restarting the operating system of the instrument every 10 – 15 days would help to avoid problems of this kind. However, that would work temporarily. But, by clearing all unnecessary messages, and restarting it, might work. If it is still problematic, then replace the total info-ware from iTunes, and this might solve the problem. Of course, many games which involve graphics may also slow down the instrument.

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