Why Is My Mouse Jumpy?

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Why Is My Mouse Jumpy?

Have you ever experience the cursor on your computer screen is not following the movement of your mouse? Well, chances are you’ve got a filthy mouse and mouse pad! Here’s the thing; no matter what we do it is really not possible to keep our mouse pad free from dirt.

Therefore, after several hours of rolling the mouse on a dirty surface, tendency is the mouse ball will pick up all this dirt and dust. So, the dust gets warped around the rollers within the mouse and causes the mouse to stop from rolling proficiently against the mouse ball. Since the mouse roller is the object that commands the computer what the mouse is doing, it will defeat the purpose of the mouse if ball within it is not rolling.

If your mouse cursor isn’t following the movement of your hand on the direction you want it to, then you might want to check how dirty it is before you decide to toss your mouse against the floor or the wall.

To check and clean the mouse, you have to twist off the cover on the bottom which grips the ball in. Once the cover was removed, take out the ball and test the rollers. If you can see piled dust on them, it’s time to clean your mouse! You can use a cotton buds or even your fingernails to get all the dirt off the rollers and be sure you clean it thoroughly. Finally, wash the mouse ball with soap and water then make sure it’s completely dry. Put back the mouse ball inside the mouse then set it aside.

The mouse is already clean but your mouse pad is still dirty, so this time, focus on cleaning your mouse pad by using cottons or cloth with alcohol or water. Once you’ve done all these, you can now use your mouse that is as good as new.

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