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Why is Nebraska Called the Cornhusker State?

Nebraska was officially named the Cornhusker State by legislature in 1945 from its former official state name, the Tree Planter’s State. The word ‘cornhusker, refers to the manual method of harvesting or ‘husking, corn by hand; a common practice in Nebraska before the cornhusker machinery was invented. Nebraska is also the leading grain producer of corn in the United States.

Nebraska is situated in the Great Plains of Central United States in the west. Though part of an arid dessert in the late 1800′s Nebraska today is considered to be one of America’s ‘breadbaskets,; it is rich in mines; a prairie land of gently rolling hills and rivers great for farming; it is now a leading state in ranching. Nebraska is popularly accepted as the Cornhusker State in the United States but is not the only state to produce corn neither is it the largest producer of corn in America. Iowa owns the title for being the largest producer of corn in the United States.

Why is Nebraska called the Cornhusker State? Of course aside from its corn husking days in history Nebraska takes pride in the University of Nebraska athletic teams. In college football the University of Nebraska in Lincoln home to the Cornhuskers football team has dominated the NCAA’s Division I-A, winning an approximately 800 or more games over the past years. The University of Nebraska is dubbed to have the best college football program calculated in terms of winning percentage and the number of wins. The Lincoln Memorial Stadium is a proud landmark of Nebraska and one of the largest football stadiums in the United States emphasizing the state’s devotion to football.
It was Charles S. ‘Cy, Sherman, a sportswriter for the Nebraska State Journal in Lincoln who first used the name ‘Cornhuskers, in reference to Nebraska during the 1899 season. It has then been generally used in the succeeding seasons thereafter giving rise to the Cornhusker state of Nebraska.


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