Why is Netiquette Important?

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Why is Netiquette Important?

Netiquette is another name for internet etiquette. Netiquette is the professional way of conversing with the world. If the communication method is good and positive then there is less chance for misunderstandings. Internet is a place where innumerable people exist in the network and keep conversing through mails, chats, comments and messages. When we are speaking to someone in front of us, we will be visible to them and they will be visible to you. Both of you can look at each other to understand the type of body language you are using, the behavior with which you both are approaching each other and ensure that both are listening to one another without any doubt.

When you are in the world wide network, as we do not look at the people and cannot show them our expressions, it is necessary to converse with others very carefully. If we send message from our side politely, we can also expect a polite reply to it. When we expect a good response from others, it is essential for us to be good to others. This is very much required to be shown in the internet. This is because people just meet here through only texts. Hence, netiquette is important.

It is important to remember that the reader of the mail must not get hurt by the message unnecessarily. It is not good to use capital letters always as it might indicate that the other person is angry at you. If you are not able to say anything on the face of a person, it does not mean that you can post the message through mail. It is very much important to make the reader know before, that you are going to fight with him/her. As the other person is not in front of you, he/she cannot look at your face. So it is necessary to tell about the trace of your anger towards them.

Netiquette is important because it is important to respect others even when we are online talking to them. It is not true that we have to show respect when we are facing a person. Netiquette teaches us to behave the same way as we do in real life in the internet.

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