Why is Netiquette Important?

Why is Netiquette Important?

The internet is now a medium of communication for most people nowadays. Everything from business transactions, buying and selling, socializing or simply blogging your thoughts are conducted over the internet. Net etiquette is a fusion of the internet and good manners in cyberspace. Though nothing is really concrete in cyberspace it is important to bear in mind that the internet involves millions of people. It is like a world in a gadget, but the people you are dealing with on the other end are real and not mere avatars.
Our generation now lives in the internet; there are formalities and guidelines to follow to render professionalism, courtesy, and order making the internet more useful and effective as possible.
The very basic rule in Netiquette is thinking before posting.
Be careful with any personal, confidential or legal matters sent through email messages. Remember, emails can be forwarded to anyone.
Unsolicited messages are spam and detested by everyone. Chain letters can be one example; it would be best to delete it and not forward it.
Be careful when spreading warnings about Internet viruses sometimes it may just be a hoax. Many get fooled by this and immediately copy paste and send it to everyone in their mail list. You may end up getting a lot of junk mail or spam in the process.
DO NOT CAPITALIZE TOO MUCH or it may seem like you are shouting and this is rude.
Lessen the use of acronyms, BRB for ‘be right back, and etc. Not everyone is familiar with this internet lingo. Acronyms may be ideal in the chat room but unprofessional in email.
Make use of the FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, it is a form of orientation for news groups and social networks.
Bear in mind that everything has consequences anything you do will affect you. Not observing proper Netiquette may mean losing your internet account.

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