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Why is Nitrogen Important for Living Things?

Why is Nitrogen Important for Living Things?

Nitrogen is available in the atmosphere as nitrogen gas. It will get transformed into soluble form to be available for the living beings through the nitrogen cycle. The nitrogen cycle results in a nitrogen form that can mix with the soil. The plants and animals get their nitrogen from the soil. Plants absorb the nutrients from the soil and the animals eat plants and obtain the nitrogen through their diet.

Life makes use of nitrogen which is one of the important ingredients of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. The percentage of nitrogen in the earth’s atmosphere is about 78. The nitrogen content in the cereal protein is about 7 percent. Nitrogen content in plants makes it synthesize strong leaves which can withstand intense wind and frost. Plants with a deficiency of nitrogen appear weak. The nitrogen-deficient plants have leaves that look yellowish and wilted. The nitrogen rich diet for animals is composed of eggs, milk, fish, leguminous seeds, and beef which are rich in protein.

Proteins are very much essential for animals mostly to nourish building of new tissues as well as in repairing the cells and tissues. Nitric oxide which is composed of nitrogen helps the cells to communicate with each other. Urea is composed of nitrogen. Urea formation is very much necessary in the animal body as it helps in removing the wastes and processed foods in the body. If these wastes are not flushed out from the body, they result in the formation of toxins. Enzymes are also composed of nitrogen to some extent. Some of the reaction processes in our body need the help of enzymes otherwise it would take a very long time for these processes to get completed. If plants do not take in nitrogen this will disturb the food chain in such a way that animals who depend on plants will not be able to survive properly due to lack of nitrogen. Nitrogen is a basic component of the proteins that govern the human body to a large extent.


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