Why is North up?

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Why is North up?

The direction of North to be always up and east at the right was carried out by Ptolemy, who is an Egyptian astronomer. Ptolemy lived between 90-168 A D. The places that were popular existed in Northern Hemisphere. These places are conveniently positioned on the flat map at the right hand upper side. Many map creators prevailed during medieval ages like boorstin.

Before Renaissance, there was not specific orientation fixed for a map. The placement of North in the upward direction of the globe became a fashion. If North is up then the important landmasses are lost at the downward direction. If east and west are up then the North and South will be right and left. The names of the places will be noticed right side up of the one side of the globe. Ptolemy has prepared the map structure in such a way that latitude and longitude are the part of the actual framework for mapping the globe in small scale fashion. The Portolan maps and charts are provided with the arrangement of compass roses and rhumb lines while creating the map. In this type of map creation, North will not be always up.

The area or the space that is utilized for mapping or creating charts on the available surface has the orientation also pre-defined. According to the popular projections of Mercator, North is naturally considered being in the upward direction. Here, we are concentrating on small scale mapping. But, in large scale mapping the direction and orientation is displayed according to the necessities of the area or region. The best projection for a particular direction shows less amount of distortion on the surface of the map or chart. The projection measure will be the factor for orientation of map or chart of any scale. If North is up on the globe, every one prefers to refer to that map.

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