Wondering Why?

Why is Obama a good president?

Obama recently told the ABC’s World News that he would like to be a good ‘one term’ president rather than a mediocre ‘two term’ president. Obama while speaking to the press in January 2010 admitted that he was not directly in contact with American people as he was busy working on policy making. He said he spent his first year in the office dealing with the current crisis in America than in meeting the people.  I think it is necessary for a leader to make amendments in the law if the law is not right enough to bring peace and harmony in the public.

But, President Obama seems to be not happy with his decision of bringing a change in the policies. He found himself to have done mistake in spending long time in policy making. He was under the impression that if the policies are amended accordingly, the good rational decision will make the people to get proper services from the government. But, he understood that people were feeling remote and detached. Obama was trying to do good to the public. But, when he came to know that people misunderstood his way of approach, he was ready to accept his mistake. This shows his service motto and the value he gives for the voice of American people.

The reforms that President Obama has brought in Health Care bill was not accepted by many people. Obama was keen on insisting for medical insurance to be exercised by everyone. He subsidized the insurance premiums for those making up to 400 percent of federal poverty line. He wanted to decrease the number of uninsured from 19 percent to eight percent. The eight percent would include the illegal immigrants and those who are ready to pay the fine. As this reform made even the young people as well as the healthy people also to compulsorily pay the premium and cover the annual insurance, many did not like the plan. The president was probably trying to help those who are dying annually as they are uninsured. This was actually a good decision taken by Obama as it will forcibly make everyone to take care of their health.


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