Why is Obesity a Problem?

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Why is Obesity a Problem?

Our very own society which is hard pressed in combating obesity is the very same society that is constantly feeding on the problem of obesity. Undoubtedly, we move in a fast world and the need for convenience is often no longer a luxury but a necessity. Fast food chains and hotdog stands have increased in the past decade making it an ideal choice rather than a healthy one. The invention of the ‘TV dinner, precooked, frozen meal which could be prepared in a jiffy is heavily processed and high in Trans fat which is dangerous to our cardiovascular health. We turn on the TV and we see mouth-watering pizza, fried chicken and the best burgers; it is no wonder that obesity has escalated into great proportions during the past few years linking it to a variety of cardiovascular diseases making it one of the leading causes of death in the US.

Obesity is indeed a problem because it can unknowingly seep into every household. We all very well know the importance of physical activity and the beneficial effects of exercise. But knowledge if not put into practice is of no use. Our generation today have fallen into the addiction of the computer and one would rather go into virtual reality rather than sweat out by doing outdoor activities. Children these days are more prone to indulge in computer games making them susceptible to a sedentary lifestyle and the risk of developing obesity.

Obesity is a problem because it not only gives rise to numerous major health diseases it also affects a person’s entire being and self-worth. In a society that is obsessed with beauty and looking normal. Obese individuals are shunned as abnormal with invisible name tags branding them as lazy and ugly. People struggling with obesity have very low self-esteem. Depression, anxiety disorders, and Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) have all been linked to obesity.

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