Why is offshore drilling good?

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Why is offshore drilling good?

Offshore drilling refers to extraction of oil from the resources that lie under the water. Ã’šÃ‚ Offshore drilling also refers to drilling in the off coasts of the continents as well as in the lakes and other water bodies. Offshore drilling presents some challenges to the environment when it is done near to the shore or particularly in the Arctic regions. The machines available are very efficient to perform offshore drilling being at either the shallow waters or deep in the waters.

Offshore drilling is more challenging than the land based operations. Of course, the production and drilling facilities for the offshore operations are very large and big investments have to be made. The offshore platform can be used as floating system which is of low cost compared to fixed platforms. The fluid height in the offshore drilling enhances the equivalent circulating density and pressures into the drilling wells. The energy necessary to lift the produced oil will be more in ocean waters than on the land.

The installations that are made in the subsea help to make use of the resources available deep under the waters. These locations deep under the sea are inaccessible for the human operations. But, installations made at these locations will make us to extract oil from inaccessible locations. The difficulties and hindrances of sea ice that prevent us to reach the oil wells also can be overcome due to inside water installations or offshore drilling operations.

The man power required for performing the offshore drilling operations have to be accommodated for a sufficient duration of time inside the waters. So, offshore drilling operating companies offer more employment opportunities. These companies also pay taxes for the government to exercise the privilege of offshore drilling. The employees are also offered with high salaries than onshore workers. As the cost of gasoline has risen so high in the United States and their demand for oil is more than production of oil in US, offshore drilling provides a source of domestic oil production. Hence, the oil and gas prices also become low. The offshore drilling is observed to be safe and clean.

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