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Why is Ole Miss called Ole Miss?

Why is Ole Miss called Ole Miss?

Ole Miss is what the University of the State of Mississippi is otherwise known of, today. The University of Mississippi, located specifically in Oxford, is a non-private coeducational research and academic institution, which is considered to be on the third rank among the largest universities in the state. Founded and built in 1848, the University of Mississippi underwent through a rich history, especially when the Civil War broke out. The efforts of the first university chancellor, F.A.P. Barnard, to make the educational institution to be in prominent and advanced state was ultimately shaken and interrupted in 1860s. During this time, the establishment had to close since its educators and students participated in the war through the 11th Mississippi Infantry of the Confederate Army under a banner named, University Grays. When the Civil War ended, having a 100% casualty rate and having the Confederate forces turn in on the Mississippi grounds, the reconstruction and re-establishment of the university was given priority under the leadership of post-war Confederate general, General A. P. Stewart.
The University of Mississippi earned its name Ole Miss when a cadre of New South initiated a move for reconciliation with the North in the hope that the economic status of both regions will prosper if they go hand in hand. It was at this point when Ole Miss was harked, as a name used by slaves in giving description to the wife of the plantation owner, now referring to Mississippi. In some versions, the name Ole Miss came from a student named Elma Meek. It was said that suggestions were solicited to name a book, and this young lady came up giving this title. It was then used not only for the book but for making the University known as well.


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