Why is Onam Celebrated?

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Why is Onam Celebrated?

Onam is celebrated in Kerala every year very fervently. Not only the visitors, the people of Kerala also experience a novelty in celebrations every year and enjoy the festival heart fully. Onam is celebrated with great joy and cheers on the particular day. People of Kerala wear new clothes and offer gifts to one another. Houses are decorated a lot and women will wear their traditional dresses. The traditional lamps are lit in the houses. All Kerala people perform beautiful dances called Thiruvathirakali. The important part of the festival is the grand lunch time which constitutes series of dishes that like rice, vegetable curries, pickles, varieties of sweets and so on.

There is a story behind Onam celebration in Kerala. There was a king called Mahabali who ruled Kerala with loyalty and justice. People in his rule were known to be very happy and prosperous. They loved their king very much. As he was king of demons and was righteous enough, Devas were jealous of him. King Mahabali was very mighty enough that he annexed the whole land, sea as well as heaven. So he was destined to be destroyed by Devas. They requested Lord Vishnu to plan for his end. Lord Vishnu incarnated on earth as ‘Vamana’ and went to king Bali when he was offering alms. Vamana asked him for three ground steps on which he can keep just his three steps. Bali agreed and gave him the word.

Lord Vishnu in the form of Vamana occupied land and sea with his one foot, covered heaven with another foot. Lord Vishnu asked for another land on which he can keep his third foot for which Bali offered his head. Taking this chance Lord Vishnu kept His foot on the king’s head and suppressed him down into the underworld. He was offered a boon by Lord Vishnu that the king can come to his land once in a year and have a look at his people and their living standards. Therefore Onam is celebrated by the people of Kerala every year to welcome their king and make him happy.

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