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Why is one side of Aluminum foil shiny?

Why is one side of Aluminum foil shiny?

Aluminum foil is the thin metal leaf that is prepared by pressing the aluminum metal in between the rollers. The thickness of the foil will be somewhere less than 0.2 mm. Those foils which are still thinner will have the thickness as low as 0.006 mm too. In North America this foil is called as aluminum foil while it is sometimes known as Reynolds wrap in some other locations. Reynolds is the name attained after Reynolds metals who is the manufacturer of metals in North America.

Aluminum foil was first prepared in 1910. The first aluminum foil plant was established in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. To have regular consistency in the thickness all through the metal roll, beta radiation is applied on the foil that will pass to the other side towards a sensor. Aluminum foils that have thickness of 0.025mm or more do not allow oxygen and water to pass through. Thinner foils will allow the passage of these substances with the help of pinholes that are formed during its manufacture.

Aluminum foil has matte side and shiny side. When the aluminum foil is rolled for the last time, the rollers will be run with the two foils together. So, for the final time two foils are passed through at a time. When the two aluminum sheets are rolled one above the other, the inner side appears dull and outer side appears shiny.

The difference in the texture of one side of Aluminum foil to the other helps in regulating the heat inside the food covered by this foil. If the shiny side of the foil is facing outside, the inside food content can be kept cold. If the food inside should be hot enough, then the matte side should face outwards and shiny side facing inwards. The shiny side of the foil helps in reflecting the heat. So, if it is inside facing towards the food, then the heat will be reflected back into food and keeps it hot.

But, the difference in the two surfaces of the aluminum foil does not depend on heat retention and non retention of heat. Two sides will form based on the manufacturing methodology.


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