Why is Oskar Schindler a hero?

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Why is Oskar Schindler a hero?

Oskar Schindler became popular during the Jew Holocaust. He was considered a hero because he had saved thousands of lives. Oskar was a German but the help he extended to almost 1,200 Jews is worthy praising.

Oskar got married at the age of 20 to the daughter of a rich farmer. Oskar had undergone a lot of challenges in life. He changes jobs a lot of times. He started different business but he was bankrupt due to the Great Depression. He also worked as an intelligence officer in German military. He was also imprisoned by the Czech government but was set free.

Oskar also joined the Nazi Party which was responsible in invading Poland in the 1930’s. Because of his passion in business, Oskar became rich. He owned a factory where 1000 Jews were forced to work.

Oskar became very influential as he was included in the elite list of Nazi Party guests. Because of his desire to get richer and richer, he used the Jews as laborer because they are less costly.

In 1943, Oskar witnessed the raid in Krakow were a lot of Jews got murdered. Upon seeing the incident, he began to protect his Jews. According to the 1964 interview with Oskar Schindler, he simply had to help upon seeing the persecution of Jews. He described the Holocaust as unadulterated sadism and he had no choice but to protect these people.

Because of his kind heart and helping hand, Oskar Schindler earned respect from his rescued Jews. He may be harsh to his workers at times but then his humane personality is commendable. He shielded his Jewish workers without thinking of something in return. For him, it’s enough to help and protect the people from brutal death.

With the heroism of Schindler, his life was given tribute through an award winning film, the Schindler’s List.

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