Why is Otto Von Bismarck important?

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Why is Otto Von Bismarck important?

Otto Von Bismarck is observed as the founder of the German Empire. He was born on 1st April, 1815 at Schonhausen. He was responsible for the Germany to be fortune enough to grow splendidly. He stood as Prime Minister of Prussia from 1862 to 1873 and as Germany’s first Chancellor from 1871 to 1890. He was graduated in Law from the University of Gottingen and Berlin. He worked as judicial administrator at Aachen, with which he stepped into the Prussian services. Bismarck was elected as representative of Prussia into the federal diet in the year 1851.

Bismarck was appointed as Ambassador to Russia in the year 1859 and later was called back to accept as Ambassador to France in the year 1862. Bismarck reached Berlin in the late 1862 as the Prime Minister of Prussia. From this point he struggled for the united Germany. He surprisingly participated in the war held in the year 1866 against Austria and defeated it. Austria from then on was excluded from the German issues. Another war called Franco-German war held in between 1870-1871 was also succeeded under the leadership of Bismarck. These two wars led the armies to unite as a single Germany.

Bismarck developed an alliance between Prussia and 17 Northern German States which is called as North German Alliance in the year 1866. Several surrounding kingdoms also merged with North German Alliance which included Bavaria, Wurttemberg, Baden and Hesse. This unification led to the formation of German Empire in the year 1870. The German emperor was announced as King William I of Prussia in Versailles in the year 1871. In this year an imperial constitution was announced and Bismarck was the chancellor for this constitution body.

The significant achievements of Bismarck include bringing administrative reforms, bringing up a common currency, establishing a central bank, and establishment of code of commercial law and civil law in Germany. He was the first statesman in the Europe who implemented the scheme of social security to face the social democrats. As a foreign minister he headed the Congress of Berlin in the year 1872 and developed alliance among Russia, Austria, France, and Great Britain. Due to all these above achievements, Bismarck was considered as important.

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