Why is Oxygen Important?

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Why is Oxygen Important?

Oxygen is important, it is impossible not to think of Oxygen when we think of breathing. Oxygen is the very reason we exist and came into being. The Bible quotes that, ‘He (God) breathed into man the breath of life,. Breathing is compatible with oxygen with more than half of our body comprised of oxygen one would naturally assume that inhaling air without oxygen is simply not breathing at all.

Our world is saturated with oxygen, our environment thrives on oxygen. Can you imagine going to the grocery store and have oxygen listed as part of your grocery list; or sleeping with an oxygen tank nearby because the oxygen may not be sufficient enough, quite ridiculous. We humans have appreciated the abundance of oxygen as well as taken it for granted.
To the unborn child oxygen is vital, from the moment it is formed attaching itself to the umbilical cord up to its full term when a baby takes in his first gulp of air. To the beauty expert and the people who aspire to prolong their youth, oxygen is important. Infact several facial treatments have been explored involving oxygen; one of them, the ‘Oxygen Facial, patronized by movie stars. Health buffs who practice yoga can relate to oxygen as the main source of detoxifying the body from stress. Even rocket scientists cannot argue the fact that it simply needs oxygen to propel a rocket to the moon. Nearly every manner of daily activity requires oxygen; powdered oxygen detergents used for laundering, oxygen bleach for household cleaning, heating homes, and cooking through the process of combustion use oxygen to complete. Oxygen permeates our lives and we have enjoyed and made the most out of it.

Imagine the human body and its intricacies; think of 78 organs, hundreds of bones, billions of veins, arteries and nerves. All working together in synchrony but still requires the infusion of oxygen to function. To man oxygen is everything.

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